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  Thursday, September 20, 2018

Memsoft Tutorial Videos

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This option allows you to pick a training topic and view the movie from this page. To view another video, simply pick one from the list. If you want to watch a video at a later time, save this link to this page and come back at anytime. If you have problems, view the Troubleshooint tips at the bottom of this page.


  • Windows Media Player 9.0 or later (free download).
  • Windows 2000 or XP.
  • PC with a 1.5 Ghz Processor or higher.

Getting Started with MemSoft

  1. Updating the Software (3:40)  Download video clip
  2. Form / Navigation Basics (6:29)  Download video clip
  3. Backup / Restore (3:09)  Download video clip
  4. Advanced Options (coming soon)

Working with Customers in MemSoft

  1. Custom Options for your Customers (2:55)  Download video clip
  2. Tracking Customer Contacts (4:06)  Download video clip
  3. Printing Mailing Labels (4:20)  Download video clip
  4. Sending Emails; individual and in bulk (6:20)  Download video clip

Working with Products/Inventory in MemSoft

  1. Navigating the Product Information Form (2:43)  Download video clip
  2. Managing your Products on the Product Information Form (coming soon)
  3. Custom Products and Individual Stickers (coming soon)
  4. Managing Collections (2:50)    Download video clip
  5. Product History (coming soon)
  6. Using the Ideal Qty in Stock (coming soon)

Appointments / To-Do Module

  1. General Overview (4:28)  Download video clip

Inventory Ordering

  1. Creating an Inventory Order (5:25)  Download video clip
  2. Using the Build Order Tool (coming soon)
  3. Purchasing from Another Consultant (3:22)  Download video clip

Event Management

  1. Creating an Event (2:05)  Download video clip
  2. Adding Sales to an Event (coming soon)
  3. Event Expenses and Profitability (coming soon)


  1. Creating a Customer Sale (Part 1) (7:19)  Download video clip
  2. Creating a Customer Sale (Part 2) (3:29)  Download video clip
  3. Creating a Customer Sale (Part 3) (5:26)  Download video clip
  4. Adding Collections (Kits / Collections / Palettes) to a Sale (coming soon)
  5. Creating a Sale to Consultant (1:20)  Download video clip

Expenses and Mileage

  1. Adding Expenses and Mileage (4:11)  Download video clip

Book-Keeping Module

  1. Tracking Accounts (coming soon)


First of all, make sure you have Windows Media Player installed. If you just installed Media Player and the vidoes are not playing, re-boot your system.

If you have Windows Media Player installed and you have rebooted but the video will still not load in the browser, just right-click the Download Video Clip link next to the topic and Save Target As ... the video to your desktop. Once the download is complete, you can double-click the Windows Movie File to start watching the video.

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