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  Thursday, September 20, 2018

November Update Available

The November update is now available.
View update information
Download the update.

Software Updates

Software updates are handled from inside the software. The software is capable of checking the MemSoft website to see if there is a newer version available for download!

To use this tool ... open the software to the Main Menu and click File, Check Update on the Menu Bar (located right below the Title Bar) and the follow the directions on the form.

If you (or your ISP) have certain types of firewall software running, it may block MemSoft from being able to get to the website ... however, we have provided a download that does the same thing: Download Update

Once that file downloads, double-click it to run the update. To see the text of the update email ... click here.


A Microsoft Windows update was pushed down the week of August 13th that is causing issues for several people.

This NEW August MemSoft Update will correct most of those issues. In particular, issues with printing and errors shown when clicking on the drop-down list boxes.

Some users experienced a problem when pressing the 'Customer Information' or 'Consultant Information' buttons (the data form would not appear). To resolve this issue:

1. Make sure MemSoft is not running.
2. Visit and download and install the Microsoft Access Runtime 2010.
    'AccessRuntime.exe' if your Microsoft Office is 32-bit
    'AccessRuntime_X64.exe' if your Microsoft Office is 64-bit
    (note: it will not let you install the wrong version, so don't worry about that)
3. Restart MemSoft and the buttons should start working again.

If the Windows update did not get fully pushed down to you, you may still see any of these issues after installing the MemSoft update above:

- Error when clicking on Drop-down list boxes (primarily on the Sell/Buy and Events screens)
- Error when printing (primarily on the Sell and Buy screen)
- Clicking on the 'Tree list' at the left of the Customers/Consutlants/Events screens does not take you to the selected record

To correct these problems:

1. Make sure MemSoft is not running.
2. Download and Run: MSComCtlUpdate
3. Restart MemSoft

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