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  Thursday, September 20, 2018

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There is a module available for the Palm™ OS!

This module requires the desktop software and will SYNC information between the desktop and hand-held!

The software has three components:
  1. It has its OWN contact management system (it does not use the Palm™ address book) and synchronizes with your customer table to allow you to Add/Modify/Delete customers.

  2. Synchronizes with your downline table to allow you to View your downline info. You can't Add/Modify/Delete this info.

  3. Synchronizes with your expense table to allow you to Add expenses via the Palm™ then during a HotSync® it will add them to your expenses on the desktop.

Installation Instructions:

Just click this link to download the installation program. The install program will:
  1. Install the Palm™ application into the Palm™ Install Tool.

  2. Install the conduit to the Palm HotSync® Manager.
Once the installation program is complete you will need to run the Palm HotSync® Manager two times. The first time, the software will be installed to the Palm™ device, the second time the data will be downloaded.
Cost:  Free "Scrapbooking software for the 3Com Palm Pilot ... software to help you track the business side of your scrapbook business."

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