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  Saturday, July 21, 2018

Customer Comments

   ... thank you so much for all the enhancments! I love the way all the forms are color coordinated, it makes things much easier! ...

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More Customer Comments

We are using Memsoft for our business right now and just love it. I cant believe we tried Quickbooks for a year. What a disaster!!

 - Julie
 - Robins, IA

Software Features

This software is a complete solution for your direct-sales business. It offers features typically found in software costing much more yet it is very easy to use.
  • Customer/Contact Management - the software has a very powerful contact managment component allowing you to track phone-calls/emails/etc by customer. At a glance you can see what contacts you have had with this customer as well as any items they have purchased.
  • Downline Management - using the same tools you can track your downline, upline, sideline.
  • Supplier/Product/Inventory Management - add/modify/delete products from your inventory. Set Par levels (Ideal Qty in Stock levels) for sellable items and let the software build your next Inventory Order.
  • Product Ordering - order products from suppliers and update your expenses and inventory automatically!
  • Customer Sales - record sales, loan/borrow, personal use transactions, and even trades with other consultants. Your inventory and income updated automatically!
  • Event Tracking - build an event based on sales - click a few buttons and you can see how profitable your event was!
  • Book-Keeping Module - track multiple accounts (Checking, Credit Card, Savings, etc.).
  • Expense/Mileage - record expenses and mileage and print reports which allow you to transfer totals directly over onto the IRS Schedule C
  • Many Reports - mailing labels, contact reports, sales receipts, income reports, expense reports, mileage reports, inventory reports ... the list goes on and on ... over 50 great reports!
  • Auto Update - With the click of the mouse, the software will check to see if there is a new version of the application or product files on the ScrapSoft site!
Customer/Contact Managment

  • Tree View for easy customer selection. In two clicks you can be on the Customer Record you are searching for.
  • Track customer purchases.
  • Track customer contacts.
  • Powerful Query By Form feature allows you to pull customer records into Mailing Labels and other reports easily.
  • Wish List allows you to track items that a customer wants. They are removed automatically when the customer purchases those products.

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Supplier/Product/Inventory Management

  • Ability to add/modify/delete suppliers
  • Uses a Tree-View (Product Lookup button) to allow you to find products in 2 clicks!
  • Ability to enter Retail Price and Consultant Price separately
  • You can choose which field is calculated Retail Price or Consultant Price and have the software auto-calculate that for you ... or you can override the value.

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Event Management Module

  • Track event details like Coordinator, Directions, etc.
  • Add your sales to the event, see the event totals.
  • Report back the coordinator rewards immediately, accurately!
  • Generate Event in Focus reports from sales totals as soon as you enter them!

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Book-keeping Module

  • Manage unlimited accounts.
  • Transaction tracking.
  • Statement reconciliation.
  • Expense Integration.
  • Build deposit records from existing sales.

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