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  Thursday, September 20, 2018

Customer Comments

Thank you again for your patient assistance in trying to resolve this. People would be nuts to buy any other software for their CM business than yours!!!! You're the best!

 - LaDonna
 - Waunakee, WI
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some answers to frequently asked questions. For more techical questions, please visit the support site.

I purchased a new computer and it has Windows 7 or Windows Vista. What do I need to do to allow MemSoft to run with Windows 7 or Windows Vista?

MemSoft will run on Windows 7 or Windows Vista with a few small changes.

For new users, Download MemSoft and follow the instructions.

For current MemSoft users, download and follow these short instructions.


I purchased a new computer. How do I need transfer my data from my old computer to my new one?

What you need to do is backup your data, download the program, and then “Restore” the data.

1. Open the software to the Main Menu
2. Click Tools
3. Click Backup to backup your data to a floppy disk, CD, or USB flash drive

The only files you need are:
(The files may not show the .MDB extension, but only look like INSDATA and PRODUCTS with no extension, and have an icon on the left side that looks like a sheet of paper with a folded corner and a key on top)

Download the MemSoft program to your new computer and install it.

(If your new computer uses Windows 7 or Windows Vista, make sure you follow these special instrucions: Windows 7 Instructions)

1. Start the software for the first time and it will open to the Options Form – Go ahead and fill out the required information to permit the program to complete installing.
2. Click Tools on the Menu Bar in the upper left part of your screen
3. Click Restore to open the Restore tool
4. Change the Source Folder to your backup disk
5. Click Restore

Now the software will start, and all your data and registration information should be intact.

Once the software is up and running, go ahead and get the latest update and make a backup of your data.

What is the difference between ScrapSoft and MemSoft - where did the ScrapSoft site go?

Most people know the software and company as the same thing. We will keep the ScrapSoft domain name, but will be phasing it out over time. Also we now support more than just scrapbook companies and found the ScrapSoft identity constraining.

What direct sales companies do you support?

We support quite a few, some with direct support from corporate; others with support from consultants. If you would like your company supported please contact us at

What are the minimum system requirements for the software?

The software has been designed for the Windows 32 bit environment. If your computer is running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP this software should work on your system. Your screen resolution must be 800x600 or higher (to find your resolution, right click on your desktop and click the Settings tab ... there you can see the Screen Size setting).

How do you handle the monthly product changes?

With the click of a button inside the software, it will check the website for a new version of the software and/or product table update. If there is one present it will download the update and install it on your system.

If you (or your ISP) have certain types of firewall software running, it may block MemSoft from being able to get to the website ... however, we have provided a download that does the same thing: Download Update

Do you plan on updating the software?

Yes! We have many great suggestions from consultants all over the country. We want this software to be a complete business solution, so there will be enhancements.

How much will upgrades to the software cost?

When upgrades become available we will do emailings to notify all of the registered users that there is a new and improved version of the software. The mailing will include the list of enhancements and the cost to upgrade.

However, since 1996 we have only charged for two upgrades (one was $15 and the other was $39) ... and both of those were MAJOR enhancments; all other upgrades have been FREE!

So if you were one of the first customers back in 1996 - you would have paid $79 (it was less expensive back then) + $15 + $39 = $133.

Not bad for 12 years of ownership!!

Don't you charge a maintenance fee for all the product table updates?

Nope - never have.

Do you have a Mac version of the INSTRUCTOR software?

No. Currently the software is only for PC's. There are a couple consultants running the software under Virtual PC or Soft Windows?  We don't know anything about these software packages, but they could be a solution for some consultants.

I have my data in another program, can I import it into this software?

There is not an import feature, however, as long as you can give us your data in a common database format (Access, Excel, Comma Separated Text file, etc.) we can do the import for you. This only applies to your Customer information (Names, Address, etc.). This is a free service!

Do you have any software for my hand-held device?

We have software for older Palm Powered™ devices. For more information, visit this page. The Palm software is free, but we currently have no technical support for it.

We are evaluating opportunities for Pocket PC, Blackberry, and iPhone devices.

My questions are of a more technical nature about the software ...

Please visit the Support section of our website where we have an Online-manual and Video Tutorials.

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