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  Saturday, July 21, 2018

Customer Comments

Thank you so much for such an incredible business tool. I just wish I would have known about it sooner! It would have saved me a lot of headaches!!

 - Carrie
 - Kansas City, KS
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More Customer Comments

I want to thank you for all the updates you do each month. It truly shows you are concerned about the needs of the user. This is very refreshing!!

 - Denise
 - Chandler, AZ

About Memorable Software Solutions

MemSoft was created by Douglas Brook in the late 90s to help direct sales consultants manage their business.

We (Kristen and Jim Lail) purchased MemSoft in 2008 to carry on and continue to improve the software that has become the software of choice for direct sales consultants.

The software includes Customer Tracking, Downline Tracking, Product Tracking, Inventory Ordering, Sales Tracking, Expense and Mileage Tracking ... and many many Reports!

The software is shareware. This means it is distributed on the basis of the honor system. It is available for a free 30 day trial period; at the end of the 30 days nothing bad happens to your data ... only your printing is disabled. If you decide to register the software, you will be provided with a registration code to re-enable printing. The software is then registered to you (single user) and you can run the software on as many systems as you like, however only with your data. You can copy shareware and pass it along to friends and colleagues, but they too are expected to register if they use the product.

We welcome your comments or suggestions.

Kristen & Jim

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